General Terms and Conditions Act

General Terms and Conditons Act of Events held in the Banqueting Rooms

Commissions for Travel Agencies (netto hotel)
upon inquiry Cancellation by Event Organizers
  • In the event of cancellation by Event Organizers, the Hotel is allowed to charge rent for the appointed room if a re-assignment is not possible.

  • If the cancellation occurs between the 6th and the 3rd week before the event date, the Hotel is will charge 60% of the contract value. If the cancellation is later the Hotel will charge 80% of the contract value, if a re-arrangement is not possible.

  • The following formula will be used to calculate the cost of food:Menu price X number of persons – if there was no agreed price for the menu, the cost of the cheapest 3 course meal for the offered event, will be used in calculating the charge.

  • Changes to the Charges for 2 and 3 are hereby excluded, unless the Event Organizers can show that lower costs to the Hotel were incurred or the Hotel can show that higher costs to the Hotel were incurred.

Change of participants and time of conference
  • A change of number of participants of more than 5% has to be told to the banqueting departement 5 weekdays before the day of the event, the hotel has to agree to it.
  • A reduction of the number of participants of maximum 5% will be accepted by the hotel. For higher discrepancies the original number of participants less 5% will be taken to consideration.
  • For disceprancies of the number of participants of more than 10 % , the hotel is allowed to change the arranged prices, and change the confirmed rooms, unless this is unacceptable for the organizer.
  • If the arranged beginning times and ending times are changed without being agreed with the hotel, the hotel can bring extra costs to an account unless the hotel is responsible for the change.

Complaints can only be lodged during or directly after the Conference and only in these circumstances
can price reductions be considered.
Subsequent complaints will not be considered.